Right at the end of the last year, Britoil Offshore Services (BOS) presented its latest vessel, the Britoil Guardian, a DP2 AHTS/Emergency Towing Vessel (ETV) 100TBP, initially designed for safeguarding the Great Barrier Reef and with the purpose of be engaged in supporting upcoming E&P campaigns globally.

This last acquisition is part of its renew and expansion strategy based on the acquisition of modern and versatile marine assets complementing Britoil fleet of dedicated Anchor Handling Tugs.

As well, Britoil announced a few months ago, changes in its Shareholders and Management. Through its leading Management team and first-class assets, it will be placed to take advantage of the increase in marine activity and is well-equipped to undertake complex offshore projects worldwide.

Currently, it´s fleet is formed by twenty-seven Singapore-flagged vessels: twenty-one AHT (Anchor Handling Tugs), four AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels) and two PSV (Platform Supply Vessels).

In 2021, Pérez y Cía. Group announced its involvement in Britoil Offshore Services’s acquisition, reinforcing our international growth and services diversification in line with the Group long-term company strategy.

About Britoil
Britoil was founded in 1988 and operates the largest specialized AHT fleet globally, with over 35 years of experience specializing in anchor handling, towing and transportation of modules and structures. Today, Britoil operates twenty-seven Singapore-flagged vessels.

Meet the 3 sister ships – Britoil Diamond, Destiny and Dragon, all state of the art units offering key differentiating features: 90 t bp, 650 sqm deck, 60 pax accommodation, 3,100 tons deadweight, FIFI 2 and Oilrec 2. The Diamond also has a 50-tonne subsea crane.