Let's build the future together!


Let's build the future together!

At Pérez y Cía Group., we’re committed to investing For a Sustainable Future. We believe that to succeed requires the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, consumers and the competition.


Our objective is to offer a global quality service to our clients, respecting the environment through responsible management of our resources, promoting the well-being of our employees and collaborators and minimizing any negative environmental impacts they may cause.

Initiatives and Collaborations

We collaborate with Prójimo Próximo Foundation since 2023, whose mission is to help people with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities, who due to lack of economic resources, they cannot meet the basic needs of their daily lives on their own.
We Collaborate with the Foundation Pro Niños de Darién, which mission is to fight malnutrition among children in Darien. Its objective is to provide schoolchildren with a balanced breakfast and lunch every day. About 7,500 children benefit from this program. The foundation also teaches children and parents basic nutrition and hygiene, as well as sustainable agriculture.
We collaborate since 2022 with the Order of Malta of Spain , whose mission is focused on serving vulnerable people and the sick, managing medical, social and humanitarian projects.
We ara Protecting Partner since 2021 of the Plaza Porticada Cultural Association, whose mission is to promote the preservation and dissemination of the cultural and environmental heritage of Cantabria.
We collaborate since 2021 with the Food Bank of Valencia with the mission of helping the greatest number of people so that hunger does not continue in our society.
In 2023 the Group is Official Sponsor of the Getxo Hockey Plus Team, a Field Hockey discipline that is committed to the integration of athletes with Functional Diversity



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Pérez y Cía. becomes Corporate Sponsor of the Foundation Pro Niños de Darién

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Pérez y Cía. Group Official Sponsor of Getxo Hockey Plus Team

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Improving quality of life is possible thanks to Prójimo Próximo

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Pérez y Cía. has participated in the Blue Friday to support Pro Children of Darién Foundation!

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Proud to be the Official Sponsor for the Spain SailGP Team! 👊

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Welcome to `Logos Hope´, the world’s largest floating bookstore

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