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Logistics Solutions

Shipping Agency

Perez y Cía. has the largest network in Spain and Portugal, covering the main peninsular ports, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Our expansión since 1979 proves our international vocation, mainly concetrated in the Caribbean and Central America, having today one of the most extended networks in the Caribbean. We also have offices in China and Morocco.

Our headquarters are located in Madrid and Panama and are supported by 20 fully owned offices in Spain’s major ports, as well as local subagents in other Spanish ports and 10 own offices in America (Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Jamaica, Trinidad y Tobago, Aruba, Curaçao, Panamá, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guyana). This allows us to ensure the broadest geographical coverage in both regions, whilst also providing line representation, consignment of tramp ships, cruises and yachts within our network.

We provide global support services to the shipping and logistics sectors based on an ethos of professionalism, efficiency and respect for the environment throughout the supply chain.

Project Cargo

At Perez y Cía. Project Cargo we are passionate about our work: the transport of oversized cargo for the aeronautical industry, offshore, construction, oil & gas, renewables, etc.

Our clients’ challenges become our own. We offer innovative solutions which are technologically efficient and respectful towards the environment.

Perez y Cía. has achieved excellency in project cargo as a result of over a century’s experience in the development of all types of integrated logistics solutions. Our clients’ success is of main importance, and is achieved by keeping the highest standards of transparency and professional services.

Logistics Solutions/ Forwarding Agents

MPG is the freight forwarding and logistics international division of the Group, created over 25 years ago. We provide integrated logistics solutions through an infrastructure of global coverage. We have offices located in Spain, Portugal, China, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Clombia and Brazil, as well as a network of agents worldwide. Our logistics services include sea, air, land and multimodal transportation as well as industrial projects, bulk cargo and the transportation of isotanks and refrigerated equipment. We also offer customs services with our own brokers, working as an Authorized Economic Operator (“AEO”).

The excellency of our service builds on three basic pillars; customer loyalty and commitment to our suppliers, our team’s motivation and efficiency as a guiding principle.

Ship-owner Agency

At Insignia Shipping we offer direct communication with ship-owners. We act as exclusive agents to the ship-owners so that you can communicate clearly, simply and truthfully, without intermediaries. Our corporation is embodied by a team of experts that ground their decisions on their values and know-how, who trust their execution and always pursue the best outcome for the client.

Spain Islands Transport Services

Carmar is a company specialized in full and part load transportation from the Iberian Peninsula to the Canary and Balearic archipelagos.

We have our own network owning 14 warehouses and 135 vehicles (trucks and semi-trailers) in the peninsula and the islands. The basic service offered is door-to-door delivery, however, our services cover the entire logistics field: warehousing, distribution, transportation, reverse logistics… All our operations are fully traceable and can be reviewed by the client through the web in real time.

Ship Chandler & Supply

Services provided by CARMAR Maritime Services include: provision supply for ships docked at port, gear and technical supply, duty-free products and management of the logistics chain of spare parts for ships docked on Spanish ports.

Carmar is present and operating in the following locations: Madrid, Algeciras, Vigo, Ferrol, Coruña, Gijón, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tenerife. We have a portfolio comprising over 100 clients and an extense group of professionals working 24/7/365 around the clock.

Inland Transport Services

Copitrans continues to stand out in the land transportation sector due to the quality of its services, its personalized customer care and its significant fleet of trucks and semi-trailers. We offer services in the main Spanish Mediterranean ports. Our aim is to be our client’s only spokesperson for any cargo business in Algeciras, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Our goal is excellence, and we achieve it by attending to our clients’ needs and adapting our work to suit them. We own a wide range of semi-trailers to accommodate any container size and merchandise. We are experts in temperature-controlled loads and ADR cargo, including explosives.

Insurance brokerage

Due to the experience obtained working with the companies of Grupo Pérez y Cía., Gesamar is positioned as an insurance brokerage specialized in maritime, transport and personal liability insurance, both maritime and regular, as well as other insurance for companies and individuals.

Since our founding in 1991, we work hand in hand with the main market insurance companies, studying our client’s necessities to provide the most favourable economical and coverage conditions.

Contact information:
Telephone: (+34) 91 319 48 36
Address: C/. Fortuny, 9 Madrid- CP 28010
Email: info@gesamar.perezycia.com

Feeder Services

Caribbean Feeder Services was created in 1999 to act as a neutral operator, providing service to the smaller ports in the Caribbean region.

The concept is simple:

  • Neutral port connections for main shipping lines
  • Slots in CFS ships in FIOS terms
  • No ownership of containers

In October 2018 Grupo Perez y Cía. acquired  a participation of CFS as part of its international expansion strategy for its integration with its network of Caribbean agencies. Since then, the company continues to support the region’s development through its logistics service.

Cruise Terminals

Over a decade of experience and our client’s trust have made us the cruise terminal group with greater international recognition. Our values define us: security, quality and personalized customer support.

Situated amongst some of the most strategic Spanish ports, our terminals in Vigo, Coruña and Cadiz have become, in the past few years, reference terminals for cruises all around the world.

The most influential shipping companies, with over 400 annual stopovers, support and praise our work, being the 750.000 passengers our motivation to keep improving day after day.

Additionally, we provide services for cruise passengers in the ports of Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tarragona, with a range of solutions suited to our clients’ most demanding requirements.

Offshore Services

Britoil Offshore Services, based in Singapore, is a leading global provider of marine transportation and anchor handling vessels, primarily focused on executing complex offshore oil and gas projects worldwide.

At the end of 2023,  Britoil Offshore Services becomes a top 10 global OSV company  after a significant acquisition that adds 30 offshore vessels from the Dutch operator Vroon to its fleet.

Currently, its fleet  is formed by fifty-seven vessels: forty-two AHT (Anchor Handling Tugs) and AHTs (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels) and fifteen PSV (Platform Support and Supply Vessels).

Britoil was founded in 1988 and during these thirty years has built a reputation as a best in class owner and operator working for the very best offshore companies.

Tugboat Services

Remolques Unidos (“RUSA”) has been dedicated to maritime towing in the Port of Santander since its foundation in 1962, as well as high-seas towing and salvage. RUSA has operated more than thirty tug-boats as owner and as a vessel operator, currently having an extense and modern, new, modern fleet, with great features, power, draft, maneuverability, fire-fighting systems, Rec-Oil, etc. which with the expected deliveries means having new SCHOTTEL stern-drive azimuthal units, of more than 90 tns. shot, and a small approx. 25 tons. shot, as well as another conventional tugboat, equipped with a rudder coordinator, etc.

RUSA business group has the license to operate the port towing service in Santander and Málaga.

Since 1999 we have implemented a QUALITY assurance system, adapted to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard in 2003, having integrated the ISO 14001 environmental standard in 2006, and this for all companies and all activities that we develop in the ports of Santander, Malaga, and others.

Submarine Cables

At the end of 2021, ATELDE (Atlantic Telecom Depot, S.L.) is born, a company whose purpose is to provide storage and logistics services to owners, manufacturers and maintenance consortiums of submarine fiber optic cables.

Our goal is to provide a best-in-class service to all customers, adapting to their needs and technical requirements in terms of storage, maintenance and logistics management of their cable spare parts. At ATELDE we have our own infrastructure located in a free zone in the south of Iberia with a key geostrategic position to cover different geographical areas.

The ATELDE team has an extensive experience, both in the deployment and maintenance of submarine cable systems, and in port logistics management for efficient management of logistics related to the loading and unloading of cable spare parts.

Address and contact:
Address: ZONA FRANCA GP2Q+M3F, 11011 Cádiz
Email: contact@atelde.com

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Reefer, Dry Container, and IsoTank Container Management

The Group acquires 100% of Barcelona Container Depot Service, S.L. (BCDS) at the end of 2023, further solidifying its presence in the Port of Barcelona.

BCDS, a well-established company in container management in the Port of Barcelona and its surroundings, has evolved for over three decades through mergers and acquisitions. The company has thrived thanks to its dedicated team and its focus on Reefer, Dry Container, and IsoTank container management, accumulating over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The merged company offers a wide range of services, including container storage and repair, as well as IsoTank cleaning.

With over 200 employees, a concession of 155,000 m2 in the Port of Barcelona, and a throughput volume of 435,000 TEUs, the Group consolidates its position as a key player in the port market. Additionally, it operates in five IsoTank washing stations strategically located in Tarragona, Martorell, Seseña, Mérida, and Murcia.

Reefer & Canary Islands Logistics Solutions

Martrans Logística y Transporte S.L, founded in 1997 in Valencia, stands out as a company specializing in logistics and transportation services for export and import trade. With offices near the port, we offer customs and post-customs services, national and international maritime and air transport, focusing particularly on the active business community of the Valencia region. With a small yet highly qualified structure, Martrans collaborates with national and international transport companies, providing optimal solutions to importers and exporters.

At Martrans, we operate with transparency by offering customers a single price for the agreed-upon set of services, avoiding confusing quotations. Our philosophy centers around service quality, adapting features and schedules to each customer’s needs. We are distinguished by our reliability and solidity, recognized as a trustworthy cornerstone for clients and collaborators. Our specialized team ensures comprehensive management of logistics and customs procedures, guaranteeing the smooth arrival of goods at their destination, with emphasis on speed and excellence in service from start to finish.