Pérez and Cía. Group celebrates 170 years, with the sixth generation of the family in the ownership, highlighting its legacy, commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability.

In the context of a significant milestone in its history, Pérez y Cía. Group celebrates its 170th anniversary. This celebration coincides with a special event: the inclusion of the sixth generation of the founding family in the company’s ownership. This anniversary marks a moment of pride and reflection on the company’s legacy and its ongoing commitment to excellence and sustainability.

During last month’s commemorative dinner in Santander, which brought together representatives from all of the Group’s companies, Javier Ferrer, its current President and CEO, emphasized an inspiring and collaborative leadership vision in celebrating the 170th anniversary. Ferrer underscored that modern leadership involves the ability to inspire and motivate with empathy and resilience in an ever-changing business world. He pointed out that the heritage and values of the family business are a unique advantage for forging exceptional leadership, combining the wisdom of the past with the vision of the future. This approach will be instrumental in the Group’s continued success and growth.

Gonzalo Pérez-Maura, the current Vice President of the Group, on behalf of the sixth generation, expressed his excitement about this milestone and stated: Pérez y Cía. Group celebrates 170 years of success, 170 years during which the same values have been passed down since its foundation: hard work, innovation, and responsibility. The same responsibility with which the sixth generation takes on the task of continuing to uphold these values while driving the sustainable growth of the Group.”

We highlight the addition of Beatriz Pérez-Maura and Ignacio Pérez-Maura, representing this Sixth Generation, to the Board, where they will contribute to the ongoing success of the Group. Their inclusion showcases the family’s commitment to the company’s future and its global expansion.

Commitment to Sustainability

In the year of its 170th anniversary, Pérez y Cía. Group takes pride in its legacy and the achievements attained over the years. The company acknowledges that its success is the result of the collective effort of everyone involved, including employees, customers, and partners.

Sustainability has been integrated as a fundamental pillar in the company’s business strategy. Significant measures have been taken to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection.

The Group provides a comprehensive solution in the maritime and logistics industry.

Pérez y Cía. Group has evolved from its beginnings to become a diversified global leader in the maritime and logistics industry.

Today, Pérez y Cía. Group takes pride in its diverse areas of expertise and its ability to provide comprehensive solutions to its clients. It is the largest maritime agency in the Iberian Peninsula, specializing in Project Cargo and excelling in logistical solutions and transit. In addition to serving as shipowners’ agents, it facilitates transportation to islands, ship chandler & supply services, offers road transportation solutions, operates feeder services, and manages cruise terminals, tugboat services, offshore services, and more.

The Group has expanded its horizons and includes a collection of world-renowned companies such as Pérez y Cía., MPG, Carmar, Remolques Unidos, Caribbean Feeder Services, Britoil Offshore Services, ATELDE, Barcelona Container Depot Services, among others.

The company has diversified its business into areas such as renewable energy maritime transport, the American business in the Caribbean region, and recent expansion into the Asian and African continents, among others.

Pérez y Cía. Group is pleased to affirm its strong commitment to diversification and specialization in high-value-added services, always with a focus on providing the best possible service to its clients and shipowners.

Gonzalo Pérez-Maura, Vice President of the Pérez y Cía. Group, on behalf of the members of the Sixth Generation.

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