Britoil welcomes the Britoil Justice, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in the offshore sector.

Britoil is pleased to announce the successful addition of its latest vessel, the Britoil Justice, to its fleet in Guangzhou, China. The vessel was officially welcomed on October 31, 2023, at 1800 HRS, marking a significant milestone for the company.

The Britoil Justice now joins its sister vessel, the Britoil Journey, which was delivered earlier in April of the same year. Together, these vessels represent a strategic investment in Britoil’s PSV assets, underscoring the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Designed as DP2 Platform Supply Vessels based on Ulstein P128 design, these cutting-edge vessels feature a diesel-electric propulsion system and incorporate a range of energy-saving features. Ulstein has provided a comprehensive power and automation package, including switchboards, PMS, and propulsion drives. These vessels, each with a deadweight tonnage of 3,000, proudly fly the Singapore flag and offer 610 m2 of deck space, positioning them perfectly to meet the diverse needs of offshore activities.

With the addition of the Britoil Justice, Britoil’s fleet now comprises a total of 27 vessels, reaching 57 when considering the joint Britoil-Vroon force. Each vessel plays a unique role, contributing to the rich history of Britoil.

The Britoil Justice and Britoil Journey serve as prime examples of the company’s dedication to progress and adaptability in serving the offshore sector. We celebrate the arrival of these state-of-the-art vessels as symbols of Britoil’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in maritime operations.

In 2021, Pérez y Cía. Group announced its involvement in Britoil Offshore Services’s acquisition, reinforcing our international growth and services diversification in line with the Group long-term company strategy.

About Britoil:

Founded in 1988, Britoil has established itself as a key player in the industry, boasting the world’s largest specialized fleet of Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT) with over 35 years of experience. They specialize in anchor handling, towing, and the transportation of modules and structures. Recently, Britoil has entered the ranks of the top ten players in its sector, reaffirming its prominent position in the market.

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